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By utilizing the website (the Website) and all services provided by it to Publishers and Advertisers (the, “You”, “Your”, etc.), you agree with the utilization of cookies in compliance with current Cookies Policy. Current Website utilizes cookies to differentiate you from other users of the Website. It aids us to deliver a pleasant experience to you whenever you browse the website and lets us further enhance the Website.

Disabling cookies

If you disagree to utilization of those cookies, kindly deactivate them by using your browser instructions listed below or access the automatic disabling tools available below. Kindly note that certain services will not be fully functional once cookies are deactivated.

In cases whereas the organization setting up the cookies enables an automatic disabling tool with regards to its cookie(s), we display that organization’s name, as well as the category of cookies it presets and a link to its tool responsible for automatic disabling. In all other situations, we provide the names of the cookies alongside with source of theirs for the specific Cookies policy date, which makes it easier for you to recognize and deactivate them if you are willing to check controls of your browser.

Certain browsers provide an option to you to send a notification that you are against your internet browsing activity being tracked. Deactivation of tracking may affect your utilization of the Website as well as services available on the Website.

After your first Website access, we may alter the cookies used by us. Current cookies policy will always provide you with information about the individual placing cookies, the reason of placing cookies and enable you with options to deactivate them, hence you should check it on regular basis.

Cookies Definition

Cookies represent text files including small volumes of information that get downloaded to your device whenever you enter a website. Afterwards, cookies get sent back to its original web domain during your succeeding visits to this domain. Majority of web pages include elements from numerous web domains, hence whenever you enter the Website, your browser may get cookies from numerous sources.

Cookies are beneficial because they provide a website with ability to identify a user’s device. Cookies enable you to browse between webpages effectively, memorize preferences and commonly enhance the user experience. They are also useful when it is required to adjust advertisement to your preferences by tracking your browsing through various websites.

Session cookies get automatically removed after you close your browser, whereas persistent cookies stay on your device even once the browser gets closed (e.g., to memorize your user preferences next time you the website again).

Types of cookies used by us

The categories of cookies used by RTSMedia OÜ, as well as its affiliates and contractors are summarized below.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

This type of cookies is vital to allow you to browse through the website and utilize its features. If such cookies are unavailable, all services you request (e.g., navigation throughout pages) become unavailable.

Performance Cookies

Analytic cookies are used by us to carry out analysis about how our visitors utilize our Website, as well as to track the performance of Website. That assists us in providing a top-quality experience via customization of our offerings and detecting in a quick manner as well as fixing any problems that appear. For instance, we may utilize performance cookies to monitor the most famous pages, the most effective way of linking among pages, and to confirm the reason why certain pages receive error messages. In addition, we may utilize those cookies to point out articles or site services that are deemed to be interesting to you on the basis of your utilization of the Website. The information obtained by such cookies is not related to your private data associated with us or contractors of ours.

At the moment, the Website is using the following analytic cookies originated from Google Analytics:

Cookie Name Source Reason Additional Remarks
Google Analytics Those cookies are utilized to obtain data related to the way our website is used by visitors. The information is used by us for reports compilation purposes and to assist us in further enhancing our website. The cookies obtain info in an anonymous manner, together with the number of the website visitors, where those visitors have come to the website from as well as pages visited by them. Click here for Google’s privacy policy related to Google Analytics
You have the right to decline the tracking by Google Analytics via the following link:
Persistent cookies.

Website Functionality Cookies

We use cookies to offer you specific features. For instance, to memorize choices made by you (e.g., your username, language and region you are currently located in), to identify the platform from which you are currently accessing the website, as well as to enable improved and more personal features. Those cookies are not utilized for purposes of tracking of your browsing activities on other websites.

Advertising Cookies

Those cookies assist us in transforming the ads to become more attractive to all users as well as more efficient for advertisers and publishers. Such files obtain the info related to a user’s browsing tendencies and utilized for making advertisement more applicable to the user, enhance campaign reporting, improve the efficiency of campaigns, abstain from displaying ads that have already been seen and aids to modify ads on our service.

Source Reason Additional Remarks
Facebook Custom Audience Facebook Custom Audience is an attitude targeting and remarketing service from Facebook, Inc. that provides a connection between this Website’s activity with the advertisement network of Facebook. Privacy Policy:
Adwords Remarketing by Google AdWords Remarketing is a remarketing and behavioral targeting service provided by Google Inc. that connects the activity of this Website with the Adwords advertising network and the Doubleclick Cookie. Privacy Policy:
Opt Out:

Session Cookies

These cookie files contain information about how users interact with the Website during the browsing session. This may be information about the frequently visited or most recently visited web pages and about visited sections of the Website, for example, if the user saw an error message. The Session cookies are used to provide and enhance a positive experience for website and service users.

Source Reason Additional Remarks
Google Analytics Web analytics service provided by Google that functions by tracking and reporting website traffic. We gather universal data (Sessions’ time, Google Client IDs, Page visits and others) during user sessions Read here:
Hotjar A product that enables collecting visual information about sessions (click, view and scroll heatmap alongside with recorded web-sessions) Read here:
Mixpanel Web analytics service that monitors and reports all interactions and events carried out by user. We gather universal data (browsers, GEOlocation, events and others) during user sessions Read here:

Persistent Cookies

Those cookies assist Website in keeping track of the information and settings set by the user, e.g., choice of theme, choice of language, menu preferences, internal site favorites or bookmarks etc. Persistent cookies allow a website to memorize and recognize you during future visits, accelerating or improving your experience associated to services or functions provided.

Utilization of IP addresses and weblogs

In addition, we can utilize your IP address as well as type of browser to assist in diagnosing issues at our server, to manage our Website and to further enhance the service provided to you by us. IP address represents a numeric code that is used for identification of your computer on the internet. Your IP address can also be utilized for gathering of a detailed demographic info.

We may carry out IP searches in order to identify the domain that you are coming from (such as etc.), which further aids to monitor our users’ demographics in a more precise manner.

Data from such kinds of cookies and technologies or related to website usage does not generally get combined together with info related to you from any other sources.

Cookies policy is not applicable to third-party websites

Kindly note that current cookies policy is not applicable to, and hereby we do not hold any responsibility for, the privacy rules of third-party sites, which may be related to current Website. Those cookies are most probably performance/analytical cookies or advertisement cookies.

Pixel tracking

Cookie files can be utilized to guarantee appropriate demonstration of advertisement materials in our advertisers’ campaigns as well as to evaluate the efficiency of these campaigns. In such circumstances, the information can be gathered via pixel tracking tags, which advertisers generally include at their websites or sites of their partners.

A pixel represents a line of code utilized by a Website or third-party ad server for purposes of tracking activity by user. The utilization of a pixel enables us with ability to track whenever a user visits a specific webpage together with supplementary non-personally recognizable data that can be chosen by the site publisher or advertiser to be further included together with tags for pixel tracking. We do not gather the online user’s personally recognizable data via our tags for pixel tracking.

Those tags are utilized by our ads server with regards to the user’s habits and usage patterns on ads and websites controlled by our clients in order to customize in a better manner all the advertisement types that are usually seen by users on diversified websites and associated to non-personally recognizable users’ data only. We strongly believe that utilization of those pixel tracking tags allows us as well as our clients to offer our users a more comprehensive web browsing experience.

Changes to the Cookies Policy

Current cookies policy is subject to changes from our side and hence, we would like to suggest that you to check the policy on regular basis in order to remain updated regarding cookies usage by us. The last update of current cookies policy was back in 2018.

Questions or Comments related to current Cookies Policy

In even that you have any arising questions or worries with regards to current statement, you are advised to get in touch with us via email. You can share your common questions as well as comments via e-mail to