Privacy Policy

RTSMedia OÜ (hereinafter referred to as the “RiverTraffic”, “We”, etc.) approaches the privacy of your private information with utmost responsibility and adheres to the EU General Data Protection Regulation legislations. Current document (Privacy Policy) is constructed to share with you, the Publishers or Advertiser (hereinafter referred to as, “You”, “Your”, etc.) our accessibility and services associated with our practices related to the utilization, collection and sharing of your private data, which can be obtained and managed through the following website (hereinafter referred to as the “Website”, “Platform”).

Common sections of our Policy:

  1. 1. About Us / Our Contact Information
  2. 2. Types of data we can obtain from you
  3. 3. The way your private data can be used by us
  4. 4. Means of safeguarding your private data
  5. 5. GDPR compliance rights and clauses
  6. 6. Cookie Policy
  7. 7. Probable alterations of Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy

  1. 1. About Us / Our Contact Information

    Current document (Privacy Policy) is originated from RiverTraffic s.r.o (hereinafter referred to as the “RiverTraffic”, “We”, etc.), listed under the following legal address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Mustamäe linnaosa, Laki tn 30, 12915 and is established as an essential section of an agreement between RiverTraffic and the Advertiser or Publishers (hereinafter referred to as, “You”, “Your”, etc.), required based on acceptance of Terms & Conditions of RiverTraffic. Being the Part of current document, We undertake measures that are commercially rational to comply with all guidelines currently existing in the industry.

    You can also get in touch with our representative or support team regarding any query via the contact details listed below:

    Skype: xxx
    Telegram: xxx

    Kindly note that the common website and all subdomains that belong to it, can include external links leading to other third-party websites. We do not take any accountability or obligation for those third-party websites with regards to their policies or the way they deal with your private data. We really suggest you study those third-party websites policies prior to sharing any private data.

  2. 2. Types of data we can obtain from you

    We can obtain and process the private data shared by you to Us via submission of the registration form at our Website, as well as via subscription to our newsletters form, via any other actions done by you at our Website (Platform) or via contacting us through phone calls, personal meetings, e-mail or any other ways. The data shared by you may contain your name, e-mail address, physical address, financial and credit card info, phone number, individual description and photo, as well as any other data. Moreover, while a user carries out any actions on our Website (Platform), we can obtain in automatic mode the data listed below:

    • Your RiverTraffic credentials summary, private data (name, telephone number, address, email address and others), platform, time zone, IP (Internet protocol), versions of browser and OS, as well as other technical material.
    • Analytical data associated with you visiting Website (Platform). This data can contain: the incoming source related to your visit, summary of your behavior, exit and enter pages, bounce-rate, time summary of page response, time spent at specific pages, and other data.
    • The data obtained by us from the data sources of third-party entities. (such as, sub-contractors in technical, business associates, services related to delivery and payment, advertisement networks, providers of analytics, credit reference agencies, providers of search info). Current document (Privacy Policy) and Cookie Policy demonstrates the instance of receiving such data. In addition, we can inform you when we obtain any info related to you from the third-party entities and the reasons due to which we want to utilize this data.

    We utilize SSL certificates to establish end-to-end encrypted connections between all servers and Services of ours. We don’t keep any of your credit card or payment data on our servers. The data undergoes encryption and then gets stored safely by independent companies, which specialize in providing services associated with payment processing for the RiverTraffic.

  3. 3. The way your private data can be used by us

    1. 3.1. Legitimate basis

      The fact of submission of your private data (paragraph 2) and acceptance of the RiverTraffic Terms & Conditions as well as Privacy Policy on Website (Platform) of ours, means that you agree with the legitimate basis related to processing of your private data. Kindly check the summary of legitimate basis that explains the means by which we process the various kinds of private information we keep as data controller:

      • Concluding a contract with You.
      • The significance of complying with a legal requirement (KYC, AML, GDPR, etc.)
      • The significance of our legal interests (updates of our records with intention of studying the way customers utilize our Service).
    2. 3.2. Marketing reasons and e-mail services.

      We can utilize your private data (paragraph 2) for marketing purposes for promotion of our Website (Platform) as well as RiverTraffic services. Kindly note that we require supplementary agreement, so that we include you to the mailing list of RiverTraffic newsletter. Nevertheless, you still may receive technically crucial info related to services of ours. In both situations, you maintain a right to proceed with unsubscribing from any mailing lists via the opt-out form as well as any supplementary applications listed in paragraph 6.

    3. 3.3. Disclosures to third-party entities.

      We can share your private data in the following situations:

      • For the reasons listed above in paragraph 3.1 that are subject to duties of processing such data in agreement with the similar safeguards arranged by us.
      • On request by court service, regulators as well as law enforcement associated with legal processes and/or investigations.
    4. 3.4. World Base Check/KYC/AML and other verifications.

      Being the part of the legal system of EU, we have certain obligations. Following these obligations, We and other organizations can also access and utilize your private data to carry out KYC/AML verifications, credit verifications, and other related verifications aiming to avert and illegal or fraudulent activities as well as money laundering. Your private info may be shared with the related authorities involving fraud prevention agencies and credit reference agencies in event that the shared data lack of reliability and/or You are suspected of illegal or fraudulent activities. Moreover, We will keep such records with intention of preventing any unlawful activities in future.

      RTSMedia OÜ will not purchase, sell, share, exchange or in any other possible way reveal Account or Transaction data, as well as private data of or about a Cardholder to anybody, with exception of it's Acquirer, Visa/Mastercard Corporations or in order to compy with legal requests from the government.

  4. 4. Means of safeguarding your private data

    1. 4.1. Security of Private data

      RiverTraffic keeps commercially practical electronic, physical as well as procedural protections with intention of safeguarding your private data following the legislations and requirements related to data protection. Our data servers are safeguarded with protocols and security mechanisms, hence the private data stored there, is subject to administration only by the limited public.

      Nevertheless, no information transmission via the Internet as well as website is guaranteed to remain safe from any breaking-in. Kindly proceed at your own risk with any further transmissions.

    2. 4.2. Duration of data retention

      Your private information required for processing reasons will be under retention while it is required. The duration of data retention has the basis of utilization of Service and business requirements. Any redundant data is subject to irreversible deletion.

  5. 5. GDPR compliance rights and clauses

    Based on the GDPR legislation, the following sections are describing your clauses and rights related to private data we keep about you:


    The acceptance of our Privacy Policy and submission your data to us, denote your expression of consent to all processing mentioned in current document. You will be notified regarding the specific applications we want to perform using your private data in conjunction with the option to opt out or in specific uses that can also be shared with you whenever we obtain private data from your side.

    The right of being informed

    You are eligible for a right to be informed about our private data defense clauses and activities related to data processing, whose details are included in current document.

    The right to access your private info

    You are eligible to demand the summary the private information about you we keep via generating a support ticket. Kindly mention a convincing purpose of your request.

    The right to correct the data

    You are eligible to update your private info via your profile section. If you are willing to alter any supplementary data, kindly get in touch with us and we will proceed with updating our data records within a short period of time.

    In addition, we will take adequate actions to all data changes to any third-party entities whom we have shared the same data with.

    The right to be forgotten

    If you are no longer interested in keeping your private information, kindly inform us via the support ticket system and we will delete it from our databases during one month period. Kindly be informed that it is impossible to deliver our services without holding your private information.

    In addition, we will inform all third-party entities to whom we have shared the same information about the deletion of data.

    The right of restricting processing

    You are eligible to object, so that we stop processing your private information in specific manners, while not demanding us to remove the same information.

    The right of data portability

    You are eligible to get a copy of private information about you that we keep. In addition, you can require that we transfer your private information straight to the third party if that is technically feasible.

    The right to object

    If you believe that your essential rights and/or freedoms are under impact, you maintain a right to object, so we do not use your private information, except for situations whereby we have overriding legal basis for this kind of processing. Moreover, you are eligible to object if your private info is being used by us for marketing reasons (together with profiling) as well as for research and statistical reasons. Kindly inform us about your objection, so that we will stop processing this kind of data.

    Right of consent withdrawal

    If we are using your consent as the ground based on which we are processing your private info, you are eligible to remove your consent at any point of time. Even if you have not explicitly provided your consent for our processing, you are still eligible to object (refer above).

  6. 6. Cookie Policy

    Current Website (platform) gathers and uses cookies as mentioned in paragraph 2, so that we are able to distinguish you from other users of our Website. The utilization and gathering of your information is related to providing a pleasant experience during our Website (Platform) browsing and any possible improvements of the Website for your comfort. All comprehensive info about the cookies collected by us and its purposes are listed in Cookies Policy of ours.

  7. 7. Possible changes to Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy

    The content of current document (Privacy Policy) and Cookie policy are subject to changes at any point of time in future without any prior notification. Nevertheless, you are eligible to get informed regarding the common changes to Privacy policy that will impact your Website (Platform) experience. We strongly suggest that you to check the current page on a regular basis to make sure you are in agreement with the clauses of current policy. Current updated policy is effective starting from 2022.